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Document Number:0609000
Title:Counterpart Lease
Date:27 October 1877
For Sale:65.00
Very good
Parchment : 2 sheets 60cm x 72cm with 1 wax seal, signature of Frederick Avery, and revenue stamp
Summary of contents:
Ebenezer WEST of Amersham Hall, Caversham, Oxfordshire. Gentleman.
Frederick AVERY of Slough, Buckinghamshire. Farmer.

Lease of two farms called Church Farm and Whitcalls Farm in the Parishes of Ipsden Mongewell and Newsham Murren, Oxfordshire. A schedule to the document gives details of the property as 19 parcels of land, with their acreages, in the various parishes.

FamilyChest has two nearly-identical versions of this document. One is the Lease (Document 0609009) and is signed by Ebenezer West; the other is the Counterpart Lease (Document 0609000) which is signed by Frederick Avery.

The documents may be purchased as a pair at reduced price.
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