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Document Number:0607040
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:19 October 1778
For Sale:40.00
Somewhat grubby on the outside as folded but generally good for its age
Parchment : 1 sheet 26cm x 36cm signed by the Steward of the Manor.
Summary of contents:
Joseph HYATT of Hedington, Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Thomas HOBLEY of Oxford. Oxfordshire. Hosier.
James MORRELL of Hedington, Oxfordshire. Steward of the Manor.

This document is a record of the Court Baron and View of Frankpledge of the Manor of Hedington.

Joseph Hyatt is mortgaging copyhold property in the manor to Thomas Hobley for 100.

Accordingly, Joseph Hyatt is surrendering the property to the Lord of the Manor and Thomas Hobley is being admitted to it.

The property consists of a messuage with a close of land called Walkers containing 1 acre.
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