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Document Number:0607030
Date:30 January 1810
For Sale:85.00
Fair. Very grubby on the outside as folded; somewhat discoloured and a little faded on the written side, but legible throughout.
Parchment : 5 sheets 55 x 73cm with 7 wax seals, 2 signatures and revenue stamps. A second indenture of 1831 has been added late which covers the backs of two of the sheets.
Summary of contents:
PARTIES - to the main indenture

The Rev Thomas Henry WHORWOOD of Headington, Oxfordshire.
Thomas Henry TAUNTON of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Gentleman.
William HALL of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Esquire.

ADDITIONAL PARTIES - to the 1831 indenture

John EVETTS of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Brewer.
Ann WHITE of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Widow.
William Henry WHORWOOD of Portswood Cottage, Hampshire. Esquire.
James JOHNSTONE of Upper Wimpole Street, Middlesex. Esquire.
Francis Henry MITCHELL of Upper Wimpole Street, Middlesex. Esquire.

In the main indenture Thomas Henry Whorwood is mortgaging property in Marston, Oxfordshire to William Hall for 1600. In the second indenture, the property is being reconveyed to Thomas Whorwood after the mortgage has been repaid. We are told that William Hall has died in the meantime and that John Evetts and Ann White are his Executors.

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