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Document Number:0607027
Date:02 August 1879
For Sale:46.00
Very good
Parchment : 1 sheet 41cm x 72cm with 1 wax seal, 1 signature and revenue stamp
Summary of contents:
William KING of Horsepath, Oxfordshire. Baker.
James WILLIAMS of No 4 Fisher Row, Parish of St Thomas, City of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Dairyman.

The Indenture relates to two cottages at the North end of Forest Hill, Oxfordshire, described as "nearly opposite the White Horse Inn". We are told that in 1842 a lease had been created on this property for a term of 1000 years at a rent of a peppercorn.

The residue of the lease is now being sold by William King to James Williams for 140.
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