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Document Number:0607018
Date:05 February 1867
For Sale:58.00
Very good
Parchment :1 sheet 50cm x 69cm with 1 wax seal 1 signature and revenue stamp
Summary of contents:
John HORN of Horsepath, Oxfordshire. Yeoman.
William KING of Horsepath, Oxfordshire. Baker.

John Horn is selling two cottages at the North end of Forest Hill, Oxfordshire, to William King for 130. They are described as "nearly opposite the White Horse Inn".

The document recites the history of these cottages starting in 1842 when they were mortgaged for 270. Until the mortgage was repaid, the mortgagee, John Coleman of Oxford, held a 1000 year lease on the property at the rent of a peppercorn.

The owner defaulted on the mortgage and in 1857 John Coleman sold the residue of the lease to John Horn (the father of the one who is party to this Indenture). John Horn (senior) died in 1865 having appointed his son as executor with directions to sell the property. This is now being done.
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