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Document Number:0606001
Date:31 December 1858
For Sale:65.00
Good consistent with age.
Parchment : 2 sheets 64cm x 75cm with 2 wax seals, 1 signature and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
William BELL of Ousefleet, Parish of Whitgift, Yorkshire. Farmer.
John Clarke FOSTER of Castlethorpe, Parish of Broughton, Lincolnshire. Farmer.

William Bell is mortgaging property in Ousefleet to John Foster for 600. the property is in two parcels:

1) Parcel of 7 acres in the common field of Cornbriggs which was allotted to William Bell by an Enclosure Act of 1832.

2) Parcel of 6 acres bought from George Bell in January 1858 but which had also been awarded out of Cornbriggs by an Act of Enclosure.

Both are bounded on the West by the Adlingfleet Road.
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