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Document Number:0603003
Title:Abstract of Title
Date:01 January 1887
For Sale:35.00
The paper document is good consistent with age, but the plan of the property is incomplete and fragile.
Paper : 3 sheets plus cover sheet 34cm x 42cm on paper watermarked 1885. A small fragment of a plan of the property is enclosed.
Summary of contents:
Mark SMALLPIECE of Guildford, Surrey, Gentleman.
Edwin George CURRINGTON of Church Road, Guildford, Surrey. Builder.
William WEBBER of Guildford, Surrey. Butcher.

The document is headed 'Abstract of the Title of Mr Edwin George Currington and his mortgagee to two freehold messuages in Artillery Road, Parish of Stoke Next Guildford, Surrey'.

It begins by telling us that on 22 February 1887 Edwin Currington bought four building plots in the Artillery Road Estate from Mark Smallpiece for 320.

Then on 26 February 1887, Edwin Currington mortgaged the property to William Webber for 400, stating that there were two messuages in the course of construction. On 19 March 1887 he borrowed a further 400 from William Webber stating that he intended to build two more messuages. He undertook to complete the first two by 1 June 1887.

The date '1887' is written on the cover sheet of the document but it is not otherwise explicity dated.
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