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Document Number:0602043
Title:Appointment of Trustees
Date:02 October 1935
For Sale:28.00
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Paper : 2 sheets typescript 53cm x 40cm with 2 signatures and revenue stamp. Also 3 tradesmen's bills 1919-1922.
Summary of contents:
Emily Jane CANN (deceased) of Wymondham, Norfolk. Widow.
John Bartle POMEROY of Wymondham, Norfolk. Solicitor.
Crosier BAILEY of Arthur's Club, St James, City of Westminster. Esquire.

The document concerns the Will of Emily Jane Cann who died in 1909 leaving her property in the hands of Trustees for the benefit of her daughters Mary Emily Cann and Florence Rosa Cann. Both of the daughers died in 1935.

Two dwellinghouses in Wymondham and various investments remain in the hands of the current Trustee, John Bartle Pomeroy. In this document he is appointing Crosier Bailey as an additional Trustee.

Included with this document are three tradesmen's bills dated 1919-1922, all made out to "Miss Cann".
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