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Document Number:0602024
Date:26 September 1844
For Sale:62.00
Condition:Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 63cm x 80cm with 2 wax seals, 2 signatures and revenue stamps
Summary of contents:
James JONES of Howl Green, Parish of Walford, Herefordshire. Farmer.
Henry MINETT of Ross, Herefordshire. Gentleman.

The document begins by reciting the Will of William Jones of Howl Green, Walford, who died in 1837. In it he made various bequests to his wife Mary, and to his nephews William Jones, William Wittering, and James Jones (the later being party to this indenture). We are told that James Jones was the son of James Jones, brother of William - the testator.

The bequest to this James Jones involved an entail by which if James should die without issue, then the property would pass to his brother William.

The object of this indenture is to defeat the entail, which is achieved by conveying the property into the hands of Henry Minett, acting as trustee. The property involved is listed in a schedule as consisting of 14 parcels of land totalling 21 acres.
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