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Document Number:0601016
Date:08 April 1865
For Sale:56.00
Very good, subject to pencil annotations added by a solicitor at some later date.
Parchment : 1 sheet 56cm x 78cm with 2 wax seals and revenue stamp
Summary of contents:
Thomas Little of Walford, Herefordshire, Yeoman
Thomas Little the younger of Walford, Herefordshire, Yeoman

This Indenture relates to property in Walford consisting of :
a) a coppice of 1 acre at a place called The Oxlet
b) two parcels of land totalling 3 acres called The Lower Grounds at Walford Hill

This property is being mortgaged by Thomas Little the elder to his son Thomas Little the younger for 110. The circumstances suggest a possible family dispute :
"Whereas Thomas Little ... is indebted to [his son] in a large sum of money for services rendered to his father during the last 16 years ... which sum the said Thomas Little the younger has called upon ... which the said Thomas Little the elder being unable to pay the said Thomas Little the younger has required him to execute the mortgage hereinafter contained ...".
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