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Document Number:0601010
Date:28 September 1832
For Sale:60.00
Fair. Somewhat crumpled along the folds and a little grubby on the outside. The document remains legible throughout.
Parchment :1 sheet 63cm x 79cm with 3 wax seals, 1 signature and revenue stamp
Summary of contents:
William Whittingham of Walford, Herefordshire. Limeburner.
James Whittingham of Walford, Herefordshire. Yeoman.
Richard Robinson of Bromsberrow, Gloucester, Yeoman.

James and William Whittingham are mortgaging property in Walford to Richard Robinson for 140.

1. A cottage with 1 acre of land at Howle Hill, Parish of Walford.

2. A parcel of arable and rough ground of 2 acres called Limekiln Close on which a lime kiln is erected.

3. Another small parcel of land with a cottage adjoining (2).
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