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Document Number:0601005
Date:10 May 1848
For Sale:56.00
Condition:Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 62 cm x 79cm with 2 wax seals, 1 signature and revenue stamps
Summary of contents:
Thomas Colleton GARTH of Haynes Hill, Wiltshire. Esquire.
Richard WEBB of Donnington Hall, Herefordshire. Esquire.

The document relates to Copyhold property in the Manor of Woolhope (or otherwise known as Hopewolith) which is known as Smallings in the Parish of Donnington. Richard Webb was admitted to this property in 1827.

We are told that in 1833 Richard Webb mortgaged this and other (unspecified property) to John and James Martin for 6000. Then in 1836 he borrowed a further 3000 from James Holbrook, but 1000 of this has since been repaid. In 1844 he borrowed 1400 from Anne Kinderley Holbrook, again secured on the same property. James Holbrook died in 1838 leaving Thomas Holbrook as son and heir.

Now all these loans have been taken over by Thomas Garth. At the same time he is releasing the Smallings Estate from the properties on which the loans are secured.
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