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Document Number:0512082
Date:09 July 1894
For Sale:48.00
Excellent - beautifully clean and clear
Parchment : 1 sheet 73cm x 54cm 1 red wax seal, revenue stamp and signed by Thomas Dowsett, Schedule and clear plan of the property.
Summary of contents:
The Malden Property Purchase Company Limited
Thomas DOWSETT of Southend on Sea, in the County of Essex. Furniture Warehouseman.

Thomas Dowsett is buying a parcel of land which is part of the Hamlet Hall Estate, Southend on Sea, Essex, from The Malden Property Purchase Company Limited for 1125. We are told that Thomas Dowsett first took a 99 year lease on the property in 1879. That lease included an option to purchase the freehold which is now being exercised.

The plot is shown on a plan and is close to a farm named Barlands. Unfortunately the roads appearing on the plan are not identified.
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