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Document Number:0512081
Date:23 June 1846
For Sale:66.00
Good consistent with age. The ink is somewhat feint in places but still completely legible.
Parchment : 2 sheets 61cm x 77cm with 5 wax seals, 5 signatures and revenue stamps. A second Indenture of 1862 with a further 2 seals has been added on the back.
Summary of contents:
PARTIES to the main Indenture
Edward COPLAND both of Chelmsford, Essex. Gentlemen.
James SCOTT of Southend on Sea, Essex. Builder.
Oswald COPLAND of Chelmsford, Essex. Surgeon.

Additional party to the 1862 Indenture
Sophia GRANGER of Malden, Essex. Spinster.

The document begins by reciting that in 1834 John Copland gave a 57 year lease on property in Southend Common to James Scott. James Scott then at intervals from 1834 to 1841 borrowed a total of 300 from John Copland (the elder) secured on this lease. John Copland ( the elder) died in 1845 appointing his wife Eliza Martha Sweet Copland, and John and Edward Copland (parties hereto), as Executors.

The object of the present Indenture is to transfer the mortgage from the Executors of the Will of John Copland (the elder) to John Copland (the younger) personally.

(Oswald Copland only plays a small part apparently as a Trustee of similar function).

In the 1862 Indenture the mortgage is further transferred to Sophia Granger.
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