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Document Number:0512080
Title:Demise and Covenant
Date:24 May 1887
SOLD - transcription available: 15.00
Somewhat grubby on the front and back pages but otherwise good.
Physical description:
Parchment : 10 sheets 28cm x 22cm with plan of the property, 7 small wax seals and 1 large seal (cracked) of the Mayor of Liverpool. 8 signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents
The Mayor, Alderman and Citizens of the City of Liverpool
Margaret McKay of 14 Highbury Grange, Islington, Middlesex, Spinster
William Carson Smith of Liverpool, Lancashire, Fruit Merchant
William Hugh Crouch of Liverpool, Lancashire, Fruit Merchant
Ann Hulse of Seacombe, Cheshire, Widow
John Riley of Oldham, Lancashire, Cotton Spinner
George Hulse of Liverpool, Lancashire, Turtle (?) Merchant
Richard Hulse of Liverpool, Lancashire, Cotton Broker

This Indenture concerns various passageways giving access to the rear of properties at Nos. 8, 10, 12 and 14 Great Charlotte Street, Liverpool. These are referred to as Passage 'A' leading from Hood Street, Passage 'C' leading from Whitechapel and Passage 'B' which connects to passage C.

William Smith and William Crouch, who are trading together under the name Smith & Crouch, have a lease which includes Passage 'B'. They have mortgaged their property to Margaret McKay who is involved for that reason only.

Ann, George and Richard Hulse, together with John Riley are the executors and trustees of the will of George Hulse of Seacombe, Chester who died around 1870. As such they have rights to the free use of Passage 'A'.

Now Smith and Crouch want to build on Passage 'A'. The executors of George Hulse have agreed to this in return for 100 and a grant of rights to Passage 'C' from the Mayor of Liverpool. The object of this indenture is to sort it all out.