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Document Number:0512074
Date:05 July 1874
For Sale:30.00
Somewhat grubby on the cover and edges but otherwise good.
Paper : 5 sheets 38cm x 24cm plus large plan of the property (84cm x 37cm). One signature and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Thomas MAKIN of Liverpool, Lancashire. Esquire.
Charles Henry CARTWRIGHT of Warrington, Lancashire. Glass Bottle Manufacturer.
Edward FIDLER of Liverpool, Lancashire. Coal Proprietor.
John LIGHTFOOT of Cowley Hill, St Helens, Lancashire. Gentleman.
Thomas JONES of Liverpool, Lancashire. Merchant.
Joseph ROBINSON of Rainford, Lancashire. Colliery Proprietor.
William ROBINSON of Warrington, Lancashire. Glass Manufacturer.

Thomas Makin is giving a 15 year lease on coal mines in Whiston, Lancashire, to the other parties. It covers all the mines under a close of land called The Pingot, together with a one third share of the mines under closes called The Rutyford and The Coal Gate Meadow.

The rent is set at 50 per annum plus further charges for the amount of coal extracted. The Lessees also have to pay for any coal which is unnecessarily left inaccessible in the mines.
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