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Document Number:0512066
Date:17 January 1880
For Sale:35.00
Fair. the document appears to have been nibbled by mice at two corners but this does not affect the written area. With this exception, the document is otherwise in good condition.
Parchment : 6 sheets 27cm x 22cm signed sealed and stamped
Summary of contents:
Richard BIRCHALL of Warrington, Lancashire. Plasterer.
Esther Sophia ORGAN of Warrington, Lancashire. Spinster.
John BIRCHALL of Warrington, Lancashire. Plasterer.

The Indenture relates to the sale of the residue of a lease on 3 cottages numbered 12, 14 and 16 Birchall Street, Warrington, to Esther Organ.

We are told that in 1874 John Birchall the younger and James Birchall (both since deceased) had a 999 year lease on this property which they then mortgaged for 50. Further sums were advanced to bring the total owing to 200 by 1875.

James Birchall died in 1875 leaving everything to his brother John Birchall the younger, who then died in 1878, leaving everything to his sister Alice Birchall. Alice died intestate in 1878 leaving her father John Birchall ( party to this indenture) as her next of kin. John Birchall has since assigned the lease to Richard Birchall but the 200 mortgage is still owing and appears to be the responsibility of John Birchall.

Ester Organ is now buying the property for 270 but is taking over the mortgage so that only 70 is paid to Richard Birchall.
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