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Document Number:0512061
Date:25 October 1880
For Sale:55.00
Very good
Parchment : 1 sheet 56cm x 58cm with 2 wax seals,1 signature and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Charles MEEK the younger of 39 Botolph Lane, City of London. Home Decorator.
Frank BUSHBY of Heene, Near Worthing, Sussex. Nurseryman.
Samuel Joseph MALENOU (deceased) of Lower Thames Street, City of London. Fish Salesman.

The document begins by telling us that Samuel Malenou died in 1875 leaving a will in which his property was left to three trustees - Jane Eliza Malenou his wife, John Malenou his brother, and Charles Meek his son in law. Of these, John Malenou died in 1874 and Jane Malenou died in 1875. After the death of his wife Jane, the trustees were directed to sell the property (except for certain freeholds in Woolwich and Greenwich).

Accordingly, Charles Meek is now selling property in Worthing to Frank Bushby for 100. It consists of 2 parcels of land, one on each side of Cobden Road in this parish of Broadwater, Sussex, which appears to have come into the hands of Samuel Malenou in 1865.
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