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Original (signed) document & photo
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Document Number:0512050
Date:03 December 1896
For Sale:36.00
The parchment has suffered some slight wrinkling (due to heat?) but is entirely legible, clean, and otherwise in good condition.
Parchment : 2 sheets 45cm x 30cm with 3 wax seals, 3 signatures and revenue stamp. The Indenture is written on 1 side only with a large plan of the property across the 2 sides in the middle.
Summary of contents:
Henry Humphrey GARDNER of West Tarring, Sussex. Gentleman.
William GARDNER of Southwick, Sussex. Farmer.
Gilbert GARDNER formerly of Woodbridge, Suffolk, now of Crawley, Sussex. Land Agent.

The Indenture concerns a plot of land of 45 acres in Southwick, Sussex, bounded by Cross Road on the North East, Kingston Lane on the West, and Southwick Green on the East.

This plot was mortgaged (with other land) by Henry Gardner to William Gardner in 1894. In the same year the mortgage was transferred to William, Gilbert and Henry Gardner jointly.

There is still 2800 outstanding on the mortgage, but this plot is being released from the mortgage charge. The mortgages are satisfied that the other properties which are still charged are sufficient security.
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