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Document Number:0512032
Date:07 February 1871
For Sale:58.00
The ink is a little feint but still completely legible. Otherwise in very good condition.
Parchment : 2 sheets 59cm x 72cm with 5 wax seals, 4 signatures, revenue stamp and a small plan of the property.
Summary of contents:
The Rev John LANDER of Donnington Rectory, Herefordshire.
Ryves William GRAVES of Gloucester, Gloucestershire. Surgeon.
Richard KING of Rodmarton, Gloucestershire. Yeoman.
James HEADING of Faringdon, Berkshire. Yeoman.
John DYKE of Faringdon, Berkshire. Auctioneer.

The recitals at the beginning of this document look complex, but it seems that Richard KING owns property in the Manor of Marston Maysey, subject to a mortgage now held by John LANDER and Ryves GRAVES. James HEADING is now buying this property for 360, of which 350 will go direct to John LANDER and Ryves GRAVES to pay off the mortgage and 10 goes to Richard KING.

The property is a plot of arable land called Marshill totalling 7 acres in the Parish of Marston Maysey.

John DYKE appears to act only as a trustee and plays little real part.
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