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Document Number:0512028
Date:20 March 1827
For Sale:63.00
Very good for its age - neat and clean
Parchment : 1 sheet 68cm x 80cm with 9 wax seals, 7 signatures and revenue stamp. Printed document with manuscript insertions.
Summary of contents:
John JACKSON of Pendleton, Lancashire. Joiner.
Samuel HORROCKS of Bury, Lancashire. Publican.
Samuel WOODCOCK of Bury, Lancashire. Gentleman.
Samuel HORROCKS of Bury, Lancashire. Grocer.
Thomas BRIDGE of Bury, Lancashire.Corn Dealer.
Edward MURRAY of Bury Lancashire. Portrait Painter.
James SMITH of Bury, Lancashire. House Painter.
Jacob SMITH of Bury, Lancashire. House Painter.
James RAMSBOTTOM of Radcliffe, Lancashire. Blacksmith.
John WOODCOCK of Bury, Lancashire. Gentleman.
Charles HILL (deceased) of Bury, Lancashire. Pavior.

James Ramsbottom is taking a lease on a plot of 301 square yards on the South side of Union Street, Pendlebury, Lancashire, at a rent of 1/5/1d. The lessees are John Jackson, Samuel Horrocks and Samuel Woodcock, but all the first eight people listed above have an interest in it. John Woodcock appears only to act as some sort of Trustee and plays very little real part.

It appears that the property probably belonged to Charles Hill who appointed Samuel Horrocks (Grocer) and Thomas Bridge as his Trustees and Executors. Presumably John Jackson, Samuel Woodcock, Samuel Horrocks (Publican), Edward Murray and the two Smiths are all beneficiaries of the Will.

Note that the hand-written parts of the document are those relating to James Ramsbottom and this specific property. The remainder is printed, which presumably implies that there were many other similar leases made by the same people on other properties.
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