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Document Number:0512023
Date:13 May 1864
For Sale:55.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 52cm x 74cm with 2 wax seals, 2 signatures and revenue tam.
Summary of contents:
Benjamin CLEAVE of Newcombes, Parish of Crediton, Devon. Esquire.
Bartholomew SAMPSON of Taylor's Down, Parish of Broadwoodkelly, Devon. Yeoman.

Bartholomew Sampson is taking a 99 year lease on a cottage with 1 acre of land called Hemwoods in the Parish of Broadwoodkelly. The lease will end soon after the death of all 3, Bartholomew Sampson (aged 36), his brother John Sampson (aged 31) and another John Sampson (aged 20).

Bartholomew Sampton is paying 142 for the lease plus a rent of 5s (five shillings) per annum. A heriot of 5s is also payable on the death of any of the 3 Sampsons.

(NB. The document is described a a 'Lease' on the cover, but it appears to be a grant of Copyhold Land in the Manor of Broadwoodkelly. The initial payment of 142 is described as a Fine and there is a condition that Bartholomew Sampson will 'do suit and service unto all and every the Court and Courts of the said Benjamin Cleave'.)
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