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Document Number:0512011
Title:Release and Indemnity
Date:01 April 1871
For Sale:55.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 59cm x 74cm with 2 wax seals, 2 signatures and revenue stamp
Summary of contents:
Louisa Eliza Wheeler of Budbridge Farm, Isle of Wight. Spinster.
Frank Barton of Heasley, Isle of Wight. Esquire.
Peter Wheeler (deceased) of Budbridge Farm, Isle of Wight. Yeoman.
William Hatcher Barton of Chale Abbey Farm, Isle of Wight. Gentleman.

The document begins by reciting the Will of Peter Wheeler who died in 1864. He appoints William Hatcher Barton as his trustee and directs him to continue running Budbridge Farm for so long as the lease runs, distributing such profits as he sees fit to Peter Wheeler's children. These are Barton John Wheeler, Walter Wheeler, Mary Ann (now the wife of William Hooker) Selina (now the wife of Robert Cole) and Louisa Eliza Wheeler.

William Barton died in 1870 and his duties as trustee have passed to his son Frank Barton.

Louisa Wheeler has now asked for her share of the inheritance, which amounts to 550, which has been paid to her by Frank Barton. Accordingly she is releasing him from further responsibility to her in his capacity as trustee.
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