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Document Number:0511032
Date:28 April 1849
For Sale:63.00
Very good for its age.
Parchment : 2 sheets 60cm x 76cm with 5 wax seals, 5 signatures and revenue stamps. There is plan of the property on the back of the second sheet.
Summary of contents:
Mary Foster of Redcar, Yorkshire, Widow
Robert Coulson of Redcar, Yorkshire, Miller
Christopher Salmon of Stockton on Tees, Durham, Gentleman
Sarah Ann Hours of Kilton, Yorkshire, Widow
William Patton of Redcar, Yorkshire, Stonemason
Guy Foster (deceased) of Redcar, Yorkshire, Gentleman

The document begins by reciting that Guy Foster died in 1848 leaving his property to his trustees Robert Coulson and Christopher Salmon for the use of Mary Foster during her lifetime and thereafter to be sold. A further piece of land came into the hands of Mary Foster and the two trustees by a Statutory Grant of 1849.

They are now selling this latter piece of land to William Patton for 45/14/- of which half is to paid to Mary Foster and half to the two trustees. The plot contains 155 sq. yds and is bounded on the South by the Redcar Back Lane and on the West by the road from Redcar to Coatham. It has a dwelling house erected by William Patton.

Sarah Ann Hours comes into it because she had an annuity which was a charge on the piece of land and she is now releasing that charge.

There is a schedule listing other Indentures relating to this property from 1811 and 1849. The name of Guy Foster and Mary his wife appears regularly throughout the list.
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