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Document Number:0511015
Date:20 October 1862
For Sale:58.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 2 sheets 57cm x 72cm with 6 wax seals, 6 signatures and revenue stamp. Contains a separate paper 'Acknowledgment' of Deeds by Married Women'
Summary of contents:
William Wootton of Harrold, Bedfordshire, Surgeon.
John Elworthy Cutcliffe of Bedford, Bedfordshire, Draper, and Ann his wife.
Frederick Wootton of Bedford, Bedfordshire. Draper.
Jane Kezia Wootton of Harrold, Bedfordshire. Spinster.
Thomas Poole of Harrold, Bedfordshire. Miller.

The document concerns the sale of property in Harrold, Bedfordshire by various members of the Wootton family to Thomas Poole for 650. It consists of a parcel of land of 6 acres in the Moor Field in Harrold, bounded on the East by a highway called the Dungee Road.

The document recites many events within the Wootton family preceding this sale, summarised below. (NB There are three different people named Ann Wootton, who I have distinguished as Ann(1), Ann(2) and Ann(3)).

The property begins in the hands of Ann(1) Wootton who holds it for her lifetime. After her death it is to pass to her son William Wootton (senior) who accordingly disposes of it in his Will, leaving it to his wife Ann(2) until either her death or remarriage, and then to his six children: William (party to this contract), Robert, Peter La Roque, Frederick, Jane Kezia and Elizabeth Maria. Now William Wootton (senior) died in 1814, while his mother Ann(1) died in 1815. Ann(2) (the wife of William) died in 1861, so the property then passed to the six children.

Of these six, Robert died in 1849 leaving his property to his wife Ann(3), who is now the wife of John Elworthy Cutcliffe. Elizabeth Maria died in 1822 single and intestate, leaving her eldest brother William as heir to her share. Peter La Roque sold his share in 1850 to the remaining three (William, Frederick and Jane).

A separate paper certificate is included in which Ann(3), now Ann Cutcliffe, declares that she is agreeing to the contract independently of her husband.
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