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Document Number:0510053
Title:Copy of Will
Date:19 June 1793
For Sale:50.00
Fair. Slightly dog-eared along one edge and with several small tears along one fold of the second sheet. Remains completely legible.
Paper : 2 sheets 41cm x 25cm Attested copy with embossed revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Aythan Lewis of Llanigon, Breconshire. Gentleman.

Catherine Lewis, his wife
Aythan Lewis, eldest son
Eustace Lewis, second son
Mary Lewis, daughter

Aythan Lewis divides his property between his wife and his two sons, with a bequest of 200 to his daughter when she reaches the age of 21, and a further 500 when she marries (provided that this is with her mother's consent).

The Will was written in July 1763 at which time it appears that all the testator's children were under 21. Probate was granted in October 1763. This document is an attested copy of the Will made in 1793. It also mentions another Aythan Lewis (presumably the father of the testator) and a Mary Lewis who is one of his executors.

The Will lists several pieces of property owned by the testator:

1. Messuage and lands called Griglen in the parish of Michael Church Eskley, Herefordshire.

2. Messuage and lands called The Bach, parish of Llanigon, Breconshire.

3. Messuage called Glanyr Avon and all the houses in the Borough of the Hay and all other the estate of the late Aythan Lewis in the town and parish of Hay and the parish of Llanigon in Breconshire and in the parish of Cusop in Herefordshire.

4. Tenement called Pennant in Llanigon, Breconshire.

5. House with 3 acres of land in the Town of Hay, Breconshire.
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