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Document Number:0510003
Date:08 May 1903
SOLD - transcription available: 8.00
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Parchment : 2 sheets 39cm x 25cm signed and sealed and stamped
Summary of contents
Frederick William SMALLEY of Challan Hall, Silverdale, Lancashire. Gentleman.
George Roger PARKER of Lancaster, Lancashire. Medical Practitioner.
James Edward OGLETHORPE of Lancaster, Lancashire. Solicitor.
Richard SMALLEY (deceased) of Lune Villa, Lancaster, Lancashire. Gentleman.

We are told that Richard Smalley died in 1901 having appointed George Parker and Frederick Smalley (his son) as his Executors and left all his real estate to Frederick Smalley.

At this death, Richard Smalley owned property in Lancaster, in the townships of Heysham and Middleton (both Lancashire and in Kingston upon Hull. sine then his "Mansion House" known as Lune Villa has been sold to Rt Hon Jame Baron Ashton of Ashton.

all the remaining property is now being conveyed by the executors Frederick Smalley and George Parker, to Frederick Smalley. (James Oglethorpe only appears as some sort of Trustee and plays little real part).

Two later Memoranda of 1908 and 1949 have been added and relate to subsequent sales of parts of the property.