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Document Number:0510002
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:07 February 1846
For Sale:48.00
Generally good consistent with age, but a little crumpled in parts.
Parchment : 1 sheet 33cm x 40cm with 1 wax seal and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Harriet Gower of Lugwardine, Herefordshire, the widow of Benjamin Gower.
William Aston of Lugwardine, Herefordshire. Steward of the Manor
Edward Griffiths of Lugwardine, Herefordshire. Esquire, Lord of the Manor

This a Court document of the Manor of Lugwardine, Herefordshire. It records that Harriet Gower is surrendering a plot of copyhold land to the Lord of the Manor.

The plot is arable land of 3 roods 7 perches in Oysterton Field and appears to have come into the posession of Harriet Gower from the will of Joseph South in 1845. She is now selling it to Edward Griffiths, the Lord of the Manor, for 52.
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