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Document Number:0509063
Title:Marriage Settlement
Date:14 May 1834
For Sale:65.00
Good consistent with age. There is a small cut (1cm long) made in one edge as folded which affects the document in 6 places, but the damage is not serious
Parchment : 2 sheets 58cm x 75cm with 4 wax seals, 4 signatures and revenue stamps. A second indenture of 1858 has been added on the back of the second sheet.
Summary of contents:
PARTIES (to the main Indenture)
Charles PAUL of the Parish of All Saints, Bristol, Gloucestershire. Banker.
Ann PECK of Bristol, Gloucestershire. Spinster.
William PECK of Bristol, Gloucestershire. Wine Merchant (father of Ann)
Thomas PAUL of Langport, Somerset. Banker.

Addition Party to the 1858 Indenture:
William Bishop PECK of Brighton Park, Clifton, Gloucestershire. Gentleman.

This is a Settlement made on the marriage of Charles Paul and Ann Peck in which assets are placed in the hands of two Trustees, William Peck and Thomas Paul, for the benefit of Ann Peck. The principal asset is an Insurance Policy for 11,500 on the life of Charles Paul.

In the second Indenture of 1858 we are told that William Peck died in 1837 and is now being replaced as a Trustee by William Bishop Peck.
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