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Document Number:0509062
Title:Attested Copy Appointment
Date:01 May 1724
For Sale:35.00
Very good for its age. One very small tear (5mm long) and a little crumpled in places.
Paper : 1 sheet plus cover sheet 42cm x 33cm
Summary of contents:
Charles LODER of Hinton Waldrish, Berkshire. Esquire.

This is a copy of a Deed, of which the original was written in 1724. Unfortunately, the date of this copy is not given (but see another of our documents reference 0509061 also relating to Francis LODER written in 1788. This is on very similar paper and in similar style and could easily be of similar age).

It is a Deed Poll made by Charles LODER relating to property in the Manors of East and West Longworth which he had received from his father John LODER. Specifically, he is making an Appointment of it, after his own decease, to his only son, Francis LODER. The property consists of a messuage, paddock and a close of land called The Coppice.
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