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Document Number:0509061
Title:Attested Copy of Will
Date:06 February 1788
For Sale:60.00
Excellent. A beautifully hand written document on watermarked laid paper.
Paper : 2 sheets plus cover sheet 41cm x 33cm.
Summary of contents:
Francis LODER of Kencott, Oxfordshire. Gentleman.

Robert LODER of Lechlade, Gloucestershire (a cousin)
Seymour LODER of Hinton, Berkshire (brother in law)

Francis Loder wrote his Will in 1724. This copy was made in 1788, and being an attested copy, it is signed and dated by those who examined it. Probate had already been granted on the will by that date.

The principal beneficiary is Mary Loder his wife, together with any children (unnamed) of the marriage. If no children reach the age of 21, then his nephew, Charles Loder, benefits.

The house he lives in goes direct to his wife. He also owns the Manor of Upper and Lower Englisham in Berkshire and Wiltshire, together with the Rectory and lands there. These are all to be first sold by the trustees. Various godchildren and relatives are given small sums with which to buy mourning.
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