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Document Number:0509060
Title:Lease and Release
Date:19 July 1816
SOLD - transcription available: 18.00
Good consistent with age
Physical description:
Parchment : Lease 1 sheet 52cm x 70cm. Release 2 sheets 57cm x 76cm. Both with 6 wax seals, 6 signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents
John MORSE of Norwich, Norfolk. Esquire.
Jeremiah IVES of The Town Close, Norfolk. Clerk.
John WRIGHT of Norwich, Norfolk. Linendraper.
Thomas TUCK of Strumpshaw, Norfolk. Gentleman.
Edward Temple BOOTH of Norwich, Norfolk. Esquire.
Thomas Allday KERRISON of Norwich, Norfolk. Banker.
George MORSE of Norwich, Norfolk. Esquire.
Francis MORSE of Norwich, Norfolk. Esquire.

The document begins by telling us that Thomas Kerrison became bankrupt in 1808, being the surviving partner of a firm trading as "Sir Roger Kerrison & Son". As a result, all his "freehold Manors, Advowsons, Messuages, Lands, tenements and hereditaments" were sold to John Morse, Jeremiah Ives, John Wright, Thomas Tuck and Edward Booth, for the benefit of his creditors.

In addition, Dame Mary Ann Kerrison, the widow of Sir Roger Kerrison, executed a Deed Poll relinquishing any of her rights to dower and freebench in her husband's property.

Now the five creditors (John Morse .... Edward Booth) are selling a piece of property in Norwich to George Morse for 350. It is a Public Alehouse known as The Dove in East Poringland, Norfolk, together with a plot of land of 28 perches. It is on the west side of the public road from Norwich to Brooke. The sale is by the method of Lease and Release which requires two Indentures written on successive days. Both parts are included in the price given above, but note that only the Release is included in the photograph.

Francis Morse appears to act only as a trustee and plays little real part.