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Document Number:0509053
Date:19 September 1835
For Sale:80.00
Very good
Parchment : 3 sheets 59cm x 77cm wirth 8 wax seals, 8 signatures and revenue stamp. Contains a small plan of the property on the second sheet.
Summary of contents:
John HOPER of Lewes, Sussex. Esquire.
Sarah MILWARD of Hastings, Sussex. widow of Edward MILWARD of Hastings, Sussex. Esquire (deceased)
George HOPER of Lewes, Sussex. Gentleman.
William BAYLEY of Hastings, Sussex. Merchant.
Thomas FOSTER of Hastings, Sussex. Merchant.
Charles WINTER of Hastings, Sussex. Bricklayer.
William BISHOP of Hastings, Sussex. Gentleman.
Mary LONGLEY of Hastings, Sussex. Widow.
Benjamin BOSSOM (deceased) of Hastings, Sussex. Carpenter.

The document begins by reciting an Indenture of 1815 in which Benjamin Bossom mortgaged property in Hastings to Edward Milward for 2000. Benjamin Bossom died in 1829 having appointed William Bayley and Thomas Foster as Trustees. All his real estate was given to his Trustees to sell as they saw fit.

Edward Milward died in 1833 having appointed John Hoper, George Hoper and Sarah Milward, as Executors and Trustees. The sum owing to them has now risen to 2250 with the addition of interest.

William Bayley and Thomas Foster are now selling property to Charles Winter for 500, all of which will be paid direct to Sarah Milward and George Hoper.

The property being sold is only a part of that originally mortgaged. It consists of two houses in Hill Street in the parish of Saint Clement, Hastings.

William Bishop only acts as some sort of Trustee and pays little part.

Mary Longley appears to have bought some other part of the property mortgaged in 1815 and she holds the relevant title deeds. She covenants to produce them for Charles Winter if required.
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