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Document Number:0509048
Date:19 June 1751
For Sale:90.00
Good consistent with age, somewhat discoloured and a little worn at the folds. However, this document is clearly legible throughout.
Parchment : 1 sheet 86cm x 65cm 3 wax seals, signatures and revenue stamp
Summary of contents:
William Munt of Hinton Walrish, Berkshire. Yeoman.
Elizabeth his wife
Edward Church of Hinton, Berkshire. Yeoman.

This is the second part of a contract of sale by Lease and Release in which William and Elizabeth Munt are selling property in Longworth, Berkshire, to Edward Church. The sale price is 126 of which 115 is being paid direct to Francis Smalbone of Steventon, Berkshire, in settlement of an earlier mortgage.

(NB Hinton, Longworth and Steventon are now all in Oxfordshire).

The property consists of a close of 5 acres known as Martins Lake.

William Munt covenants to levy and acknowledge a fine in the Court of Common Pleas for this property if requested by Edward Church.
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