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Document Number:0509046
Title:Manorial Document
Date:23 May 1864
For Sale:58.00
Parchment : 1 sheet 45cm x 59cm signed by the Steward of the Manor and with revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Joseph Thomas LAWTON (deceased) of Elmeswell, Suffolk. Clerk.
George Warner LAWTON of Elmeswell, Suffolk.
John LAWTON of Elmeswell, Suffolk.
Thomas ELLISTON of Elmeswell, Suffolk. Thatcher.
Charles ROBINSON of Elmeswell, Suffolk. Butcher.
Zachariah FENTON of Elmeswell, Suffolk. Nurseryman.
George BAKER of Elmeswell, Suffolk. Publican.
James FROST of Elmeswell, Suffolk. Harness Maker.
James WRIGHT of Woolpit, Suffolk. Brickmaker.

We are told that Joseph Lawton died in 1863 having appointed his sons George and John Lawton as Trustees and instructing them to sell his property. Accordingly, in November 1863 they sold a parcel of land of 9 acres to the other 6 parties named above. It lies to the South of the road leading from Elmeswell to Wetherden.

It is copyhold land of the Manor of Elmeswell and this document records that Thomas Elliston is being admitted to this land. We are not told what the 6 purchasers have in common, nor is there an obvious reason why Thomas Elliston alone should be the one admitted to the property.

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