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Document Number:0509042
Date:28 March 1806
For Sale:75.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 63cm x 82cm with 2 wax seals, 2 signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Sarah D'Oyly of Courzon Street, Berkeley Square, Middlesex. Widow.
Richard Cox of the City of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Banker.

Sarah D'Oyly is giving a 99 year lease on property in Blackthorn, Oxfordshire, to Richard Cox at a rent of 220 per annum.

The property consists of a Farmhouse with a total of 18 closes of land, some of which are at Ambrosden, all within the Parish of Blackthorn.

There are several conditions relating to good husbandry which are included in the term of the above lease.
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