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Document Number:0509039
Title:Deed of Enfranchisement
Date:12 August 1856
For Sale:58.00
Very good
Parchment : 1 sheet 40cm x 69cm with 2 wax seals, 1 signature and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Digby Latimer of Headington, Oxfordshire. Esquire.
James Morrell of the City of Oxford and of Headington Hill, Oxfordshire. Esquire.

The Indenture relates to 5 messuages on Copyhold land of the Manor of Headington, to which James Morrell was admitted in 1855. For the fee of 10 this property is now being Enfranchised (ie converted into Freehold property).

This presumably implies that Digby Latimer is Lord of the Manor of Headington.
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