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Document Number:0509037
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:21 March 1823
For Sale:85.00
Good consistent with age, although somewhat grubby on the outside as folded.
Parchment : 3 sheets 60cm x 75cm with revenue stamps
Summary of contents:
Esther Aplin of Epsom, Surrey, Widow.
The Rev. William Cotton Risley of New College, Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Richard Cox of the City of Oxford, Oxfordshire. Esquire, Lord of the Manor
Christopher Aplin (deceased) of Adderbury, Oxfordshire. Esquire
Thomas Robertson of Blackthorne, Oxfordshire, Steward of the Manor

This is a record of a Special Court Baron of the Manor of Blackthorne.

It relates to the sale of copyhold land in the Manor of Blackthorne by the Aplin family to Richard Cox, the Lord of the Manor. This sale is the result of an agreement made by Christopher Aplin in 1803 to sell the property for 7400, but the sale was only to take place after the death of his wife, Sarah D'Oyly, who was tenant for life.

This sale is now taking place and accordingly this document records the necessary processes of the manor court. Firstly Esther Aplin and William Risley are admitted to the property as a result of the will of Christopher Aplin, then they surrender it and Richard Cox is admitted to it. William Risley's part is that he is the remaining Trustee of the will of Christopher Aplin.

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