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Document Number:0509035
Date:19 November 1853
For Sale:70.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 59cm x 72cm with 5 wax seals, 4 signatures, revenue stamp and a large plan of the property.
Summary of contents:
Henry Johnson LATTER of Bexley, Kent. Schoolmaster.
William GINGER of Bexley, Kent. Fishmonger.
Joseph WALLACE of Bexley, Kent. Minister of the Gospel.
Joseph AMOS of Bexley, Kent. Builder.
Henry Herbert HECKFORD of Dartford, Kent. Gentleman.

Henry Latter, William Ginger and Joseph Wallace, are selling property in the Parish of Crayford, Kent, to Joseph Amos for 84.

It consists of a plot of land of 169ft x 69ft on the North side of the High Dover Road. Joseph Amos already owns a similar plot on the Eastern side. We are told that the property came into the hands of Messrs Latter, Ginger and Wallace in 1852.

Note that Henry Herbert Heckford is acting only as some sort of Trustee and plays little real part.

A Memorandum added on the back notes that Joseph Amos sold part of this property to Henry Savage at Bexleyheath, Coal Merchant, in 1854.
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