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Document Number:0509021
Date:10 October 1801
For Sale:75.00
Very grubby on the outside cover as folded, but remarkably clean and clear on the written inside.
Parchment : 2 sheets 60cm x 76cm with 2 wax seals (1 red 1 black), 1 signature and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Thomas ASTLEY of Blackburn, Lancashire. Organist and Overseer.
Henry DEWHURST formerly of Blackburn, Lancashire. Crofter - now of Hoghton, Lancashire. Weaver.
Roger HAWORTH of Blackburn, Lancashire. Yeoman.

Henry Dewhurst is mortgaging property in Blackburn to Roger Haworth for 65.

The property is all at Salford in Blackburn and consists of:

1. A cottage acquired by Henry Dewhurst in 1881.

2. A quarter share of 3 other dwellinghouses which had belonged to James Dewhurst (deceased).

We are told that the property of James Dewhurst had been divided between his 4 nephews and nieces - James Dewhurst, Henry Dewhurst, Ann Dewhurst and Elizabeth, now the wife of Roger Haworth.

Thomas Astley appears to come into it only as a trustee involved in some previous transaction.
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