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Document Number:0509016
Date:05 November 1853
SOLD - transcription available: 16.00
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Physical description:
Parchment : 2 sheets 61cm x 79cm with 4 wax seals, 4 signatures and a revenue stamp.
Summary of contents
Robert Eastall of Mendlesham, Suffolk. Farmer.
John Wells of Blo Norton, Norfolk. Labourer.
Joseph Clarke of Wyverstone, Suffolk. Farmer.
Stephen Jaques the Elder of Hopton, Suffolk. Gardener.
Frederick Fowell of Blo Norton, Norfolk. Gentleman.
Seth Land (deceased) of Blo Norton, Norfolk. Farmer.

The document begins by reciting an indenture of 1845 in which Seth Land mortgages property in Blo Norton to Joseph Clarke for 200 (and he then borrowed a further 50 for the next day).

Seth Land died in June 1853 having appointed his sons in law, Robert Eastall and John Wells, as his Executors. he gave all his property to them with the instruction to sell it as soon as convenient. There is then another indenture of August 1853 in which George Lovack Land, John Lorimer Land and Naomi Land, conveyed further property in Blo Norton to the two executors "upon the like Trusts, intents and purposes" as in the will of Seth Land.

Accordingly, all the property was auctioned at the White Horse Inn, Thelnetham and sold to Stephen Jaques for 105. At the same time, Eastall and Wells are paying off the residue of the mortgage to Joseph Clarke. The property consists of a parcel of land of 2 acres bounded by The Back Lane to the North. It appears that this had come into the hands of a William Land as a result of a Blo Norton Inclosure Act.