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Document Number:0508105
Date:29 January 1885
For Sale:55.00
Very good
Parchment : 2 sheets 57cm x 72cm with 5 wax seals, 5 signatures and plan of the property
Summary of contents:
Edward BRIGGS of Longton, Lancashire. Farmer.
John Henry HEBDON of Preston, Lancashire. Stock and Share Broker.
Rev Adam WRIGHT of Gilsland, Cumberland.
Henry Dawson BRIGGS of Longton, Lancashire. Gentleman.
Elizabeth TAYLOR of Longton, Lancashire. Spinster.
William HOWARD of Little Hoole, Lancashire. Farmer.

William Howard is buying land in the township of Longton, Lancashire, for 890, from Edward Briggs, John Hebdon, the Rev Adam Wright, and Henry Biggs. The property consists of 3 pieces of land totalling 7 acres to the East of Six Acre Lane and to the North of Gill Lane. There is one other plot of 1 acre about half a mile to the South East of these.

The document tells a long and convoluted history of how the land came to be in the hands of these 4 vendors. The story begins in 1846 when the property was acquired by John Parker and Elizabeth Parker in equal half shares. From there it has passed between various members of the Parker, Briggs, Dawson and Hebdon families by means which included a disputed Will, and several court judgements.

The four vendors in this Indenture appear to have been appointed as trustees to hold the whole property in trust for the various real owners. This is with the object of making it easier to sell as a single entity.
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