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Document Number:0508092
Date:14 May 1829
SOLD - transcription available: 14.00
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Physical description:
Parchment : 2 sheets of which the largest is 61cm x 77cm with 1 wax seal, signature and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents
James Tunstall of Golden Hill Parish of Wolstanton, Staffordshire. Gentleman.
James Collinson of Wolstanton, Staffordshire. Gentleman.
Thomas Brindley of Wolstanton, Staffordshire. Grocer.
John Reeves (deceased) of Golden Hill, Wolstanton, Staffordshire. Collier.

This is a contract of sale by Lease and Release, of which both parts are included, bound together along the bottom edge.

We are told that John Reeves wrote a will in 1823 in which he left his real and personal estate to his son-in-law James Tunstall. James Tunstall is now selling the property in Golden Hill to Thomas Brindley for 70.

The property is a dwelling house which faces the turnpike road from the Potteries to Liverpool. It had been built by John Reeves on land left to him in the Will of Ralph Colclough. It seems that James Collinson owns the property next door and wants to pull the house down.

Note that Thomas Brindley is a trustee acting on behalf of James Collinson and plays little real part.