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Document Number:0508088
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:23 December 1908
For Sale:40.00
Condition:Very good
Parchment : 1 sheet 55cm x 67cm signed by the Under Steward of the Manor
Summary of contents:
Robert Imeson of Sutton Grange near Masham, Yorkshire. Land Agent.
Christopher Clarke of Charlcot near Bedale, Yorkshire. Land Agent.
Henry Ainsworth of Beechwood Crescent, Harrogate, Yorkshire. Retired Bookseller and Stationer.
Mary Park of Park Road, Harrogate, Yorkshire. Widow.
John Alfred Scott Nelson of Penibury, Alderson Road, Harrogate, Yorkshire. Cloth Manufacturer.

This is a copy of the Court Roll of the Manor of the Forest of Knaresborough. As a parchment document signed by the Under steward it appears to be the 'official' copy which is contemporary with the original court roll.

It tells us of the transfer of a mortgage of 4,450 on copyhold property in the Manor. Henry Ainsworth appears to be the owner, and the mortgage, previously held by Robert Imeson and Christopher Clarke, is now being transferred to Mary Park and John Nelson. Accordingly, Robert Imeson and Christopher Clarke 'out of court surrender by a straw into the hands of our Sovereign Lord the King' all of the mortgaged property.

The property consists of:

1. A plot of land in Bilton, Harrogate of 20 yards x 16 yards with three dwelling houses, shops and buildings known as 53 Oxford Street and Nos 18 and 20 Parliament Street.

2. A plot of land of 142 square yards with shops known as 49 and 51 Oxford Street.

3. Plot of land with 3 dwelling houses known as Nos 52, 54 and 56 Tower Street.
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