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Document Number:0508061
Date:13 May 1912
For Sale:35.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 4 sheets written on all sides 25cm x 38cm signed, sealed and stamped with a plan of the property on the back page.
Summary of contents:
Mary Ellen Pollard of Bingley, Yorkshire. Widow
Ada Lavinia Barron, wife of James Henry Barron of Bingley, Yorkshire, Coal Merchant
Henry Hardcastle of Bingley, Yorkshire. Gentleman
Francis Moore of Cedar Street, Morecombe, Lancashire. Builder

The document begins by reciting that Robert Pollard (died 1898) appointed Mary Pollard, Ada Barron and Henry Hardcastle as the Executors and Trustees of his will. These three are now selling a portion of his property in Villa Road, Bingley to Francis Moore for 107 and 5 shillings.

We are told that the property being sold is part of a larger area acquired by Robert Pollard in 1876. The plan on the final page indicates adjoining areas to the East and South which remain owned by the Trustees.
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