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Document Number:0508025
Date:12 November 1818
For Sale:25.00
Condition:Good for paper document of its age
Paper : 2 sheets 32cm x 20cm. This is a copy of Articles of Agreement dated 13/11/1818 made on paper watermarked 1814.
Summary of contents:
Thomas GUY of Sandholme, Yorkshire. Yeoman.
John MILNER of Kilham, Yorkshire. Gentleman.

This is an agreement in which Thomas Guy contracts to sell properly at Landholme, Yorkshire, to John Milner for 931 plus a further sum for the wheat then growing at a price to be agreed by two independent valuers.

The property contains about 18 acres and consists of a number of parcels of land called:

Little Reddings Close
Great Reddings
Sandholme Field
Inn Nook Close
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