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Document Number:0508018
Title:Marriage Settlement
Date:28 August 1843
For Sale:65.00
A little feint on one sheet but otherwise very good for its age.
Parchment : 3 sheets 53cm x 78cm with 2 wax seals, signatures and revenue stamps. Also a brief solicitor's summary of the contract on a separate sheet of paper.
Summary of contents:
Francis ROWELL of Hennock, Devon. Yeoman.
Elizabeth Ann ROWELL of Shute, Devon. Spinster.
William STOCKER of Dalwood, Dorset. Gentleman.
Thomas CHAPPLE the Younger of Axminster, Devon. Grocer.

This is a Settlement made before the marriage of Elizabeth Rowell to Francis Rowell (yes they do have the same surname despite not yet being married). We are told that Elizabeth Rowell has a bond for 1000 owing to her by Sir William Templer Pole of Shute, Devon. She is now placing the sum in the hands of William Stocker and Thomas Chapple as Trustees.

Any interest will be paid to her for life and after her decease, the sum is for the benefit of any children of the marriage or otherwise as she may specify in her will.
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