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Document Number:0507045
Title:Transfer of Mortgage
Date:05 June 1894
For Sale:16.00
Poor. A mouse has nibbled at one edge but only 3 words are affected. Otherwise, quite reasonable for its age.
Parchment : 3 sheets 39cm x 26cm with 4 wax seals, 3 signatures and revenue stamps. A second Indenture of 1895 has been added at the end.
Summary of contents:
William Langley SMITH of Gloucester, Gloucestershire. Gentleman.
Quentin Addison McCONNELL of 14 Drayton Gardens, South Kensington, Middlesex. Engineer.
John VALLANCE of 20 Essex Street, Strand, Middlesex. Gentleman.

The document begins by reciting that in 1890 Quentin McConnell mortgaged an annuity and some life assurance policies for 320 (but there appears to have been another mortgage already outstanding on these assets). In 1891 this mortgage came into the hands of William Smith.

By the time of this Indenture the sum outstanding has been reduced to 70. The mortgage is then being transferred to John Vallance and at the same time increased to 161.

In the second Indenture of 1895 the outstanding mortgage is being repaid in full by Quentin McConnell and the assets re-assigned to him
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