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Document Number:0507043
Date:17 February 1845
For Sale:60.00
Very good
Parchment : 1 sheet 64cm x 78cm with 4 wax seals and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Samuel Taylor Dawson of Botesdale, Suffolk. Esquire.
Lockwood Rednall of Rickinghall Superior, Suffolk. Carpenter.
William Stagg of Gislingham, Suffolk. Innkeeper.
William Norman of Gislingham, Suffolk. Builder.
Joshua Acfield of Offton, Suffolk. Draper.

The document begins by reciting a mortgage of 1841 by which Lockwood Rednall borrowed 90 from Samuel Dawson. Since then William Stagg agreed to buy the property for 126, and then William Norman agreed to buy it from William Stagg for 130.

William Norman is now completing the purchase with 90 paid to Samuel Dawson to discharge the mortgage, 36 to Lockwood Rednall, and 4 to William Stagg.

The property consists of a parcel of land in Rickinghall Superior of 2 roods, 10 perches together with a double tenement built on it. The land is bounded on the East by the Finningham Road.

Joshua Acfield appears only as some sort of trustee and plays little real part.
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