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Document Number:0507039
Date:07 April 1831
SOLD - transcription available: 20.00
Excellent for its age
Physical description:
Parchment: 2 sheets 59cm x 73cm with 5 wax seals (4 signatures) and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents
Lawrence Elgar of Ramsgate, Kent Bricklayer.
Thomas Elgar of Ramsgate, Kent. Bricklayer.
Dorothy Stevens formerly Dorothy Foat(?) the wife of -
Henry Stevens of the Parish of St Peter the Apostle, Isle of Thanet, Kent. Yeoman
Edward Daniel of Ramsgate, Kent. Gentleman
Thomas Cramp of the Parish of St Peter the Apostle, Isle of Thanet, Kent. Gentleman

The document begins by reciting a Deed of Separation of 1830 which appears to be an unusual example of the separation of a married couple. It tells us that when Dorothy and Henry Stevens married, all her property was conveyed to Edward Daniel and Thomas Cramp as trustees. (This is a standard device used to keep it at arms length from her husband.) In the 1830 Indenture Henry Stevens covenants that "the said Dorothy Stevens should thenceforth live separate and apart and free from the control of him the said Henry Stevens and should and might enjoy expend lay out and dispose of all her separate estate".

In this Indenture of 1831 Dorothy Stevens is buying property in St Lawrence, Isle of Thanet from Lawrence and Thomas Elgar for 220. It is No 7 Elgar Place near Liberty Road, and we are told that Elgar Place is not yet tenanted. Necessarily the transaction is made by Edward Daniel and Thams Cramp from the assets they hold in trust.